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The perfect accessory for your fishing

Fishing is one of the most common sports out there, especially in coastal cities. Weather conditions greatly interfere with this activity, as the fisherman already works directly with only one sense: vision. Through the reflections of light on the water, it is possible for vision to be impaired, making fishing difficult.

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Change the way you see

The Super Vision Polarized Glasses will change the way you see the water while fishing. The glasses have polarized lenses, blocking reflected light and reflections. In addition, the lenses have a photochromic treatment, changing according to the intensity of the sunlight, so that your eyes have the maximum amount of comfort, even on very sunny days.

The Super Vision is different...

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The nose rest of the frame is made of silicone, making it more comfortable to wear for long periods of time. In addition, silicone is a durable and resistant material, which ensures greater durability.

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Sun protection

The Super Vision Polarized Glasses offer total protection against UV rays, which is ideal for people who spend a lot of time outdoors or are sensitive to sunlight.

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With polarized technology, the Super Vision Polarized Glasses help reduce light reflections on the water, allowing you to see better details under the surface and see the fish clearly.

Satisfied customers all over the world

I bought the glasses to wear while fishing and was surprised by the quality of the lenses. I really see the fish more clearly!

Douglas R.


I bought the glasses and was surprised by the quality of the lenses, it meets all functions perfectly!

Sophie L.


I received the glasses and I must confess that I was expecting something of lower quality, but I was surprised! The lens is more fragile and thin than I expected, but I highly recommend it!

Eric W.


Frequent Questions

Yes, due to the photochromic function, it can be used for outdoor activities such as hiking, running, driving, etc.

Photochromic lenses are lenses that change according to sunlight, becoming darker or lighter as needed.

Yes, the Super Vision Polarized Glasses are comfortable to wear thanks to its silicone nose rest, which is soft and smooth. In addition, the frame is made of lightweight materials, which helps ensure that the glasses are not heavy or uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time.


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