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Bike Alarm: Guaranteed Security

If you are a cyclist, you know the constant concern of leaving your bike secure while it is out of sight. That is why the Bike Alarm is so important. With two cables that easily attach to your bike, the alarm is easy to install and guarantees the security of your bike, regardless of where it is. With alarm disarm control, it allows you to deactivate the alarm when approaching the bike, making it even more convenient.

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Don't take risks

The three-dimensional sensor bike alarm with emergency function is the perfect choice to ensure the safety of your bike. Additionally, the emergency function allows you to call for help in case of emergency. With an ergonomic design, this alarm is easy to use and fits perfectly on your bike. No matter if you are riding in the rain or in the sun, this waterproof alarm keeps you safe and protected.

The Bicycle Control Alarm is different..

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Easy installation

With just two cables that attach to the bicycle, the installation of the alarm is quick and simple.

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Practical control

The remote control of the alarm allows you to disarm it as you approach, avoiding the need to enter codes or passwords.

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Three-dimensional sensor

The alarm has a three-dimensional sensor that detects any movement or manipulation of the bicycle, increasing the efficiency of protection.

Satisfied customers all over the world

I bought the bike alarm to protect mine and was very satisfied with the product. The installation was super easy and it stays well attached. I thought it was great that it's also waterproof, since it rains a lot where I live.

Regina Z.


The bike alarm is amazing! The emergency function is great in case of any problems during the ride, I had to use it once and it worked. It scares off anyone who gets close and brings a lot of security.

Malcom R.


I bought the bike alarm a few months ago and am very satisfied with the purchase. It took a few days to arrive but it arrived well packaged.

Michelle H.


Frequent Questions

The control has an operating distance of up to 10-20 meters, which means you can be up to 10 meters away from the bike to disarm the alarm.

Yes, the alarm is water-proof, so you can expose it to rain or water without worrying about damaging the device.

The alarm has a lifespan of 6 to 10 months, while the control has a lifespan of more than a year.


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